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General Merchandise

DVD Box Set(9 disks): Fall of America and the Western World
DVD Box Set(9 disks): Fall of America and the Western World
Click Image to enlarge
A Must have survival guide! Ripped from today's headlines and current events happening NOW!
Discover how to protect yourself and family from financial armageddon,govt. tyranny and the destruction
of the middle class and eroding freedoms we once enjoyed. This amazing documentary and guide will
help you to understand and thrive in today's economic crisis. Contains candid interviews with the top
experts in finance,politics,geo-politics,talk radio,religion and much more! Features over 100 actionable
tips and survival methods to cope with the upcoming economic crisis. You want to truly see what the
future holds in the months ahead-this is it! Here's just a few of the speakers you'll hear and see:
1. Doug Casey(Casey's Investment Research)
2. Alex Jones(National syndicated radio talk show host)
3. Naomi Wolf(NY Times best selling author)
4. Paul Craig Roberts
5. G.Edward Griffith(Author/Speaker-The Creature From Jekyll Island)Expert on Federal Reserve
6.Joseph Farah
7. David Icke
8. David McAlveny       and others!
A total of 9 DVD's-about 9 hours of solid info!
Shipped by priority mail w/delivery confirmation.
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