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Health & Fitness Products

GET CLEAN: How to Safely + Effectively Detox Your Body
GET CLEAN: How to Safely + Effectively Detox Your Body
Click Image to enlarge
GET CLEAN: How to Safely + Effectively Detox Your Body
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Are you ready to become a more energized and radiant version of yourself? Then you are ready to GET CLEAN!

Get Clean Self-Guided Cleanse Program

  • Do you want a gentle way to cleanse your system? increase your energy level and strengthen your immune system?
  • Have you tried a cleanse but it was "too hard" to keep up with?
  • Have you been curious about detoxing or cleansing but want support along the way?
  • Is it time to press the pause button and slow things down?
  • Are you looking for a way to feel lighter in your body and your mind?

If the answer is YES, then you definitely need sign up for GET CLEAN GUIDE!

NOTE:This product is delivered as a electronic/virtual product. Upon purchase, you will receive a secure link to download the guide.


The idea behind the GET CLEAN Guide is to help you transition into your new and exciting way of eating and awaken to a healthier lifestyle. GET CLEAN is for any wellness-minded individual who is ready to take their life to the next level and who is looking for a way to improve their life, simply change their eating habits and feel better by optimizing their nutrition.

Some of the benefits of cleansing:

  • Clear your body of toxins
  • Clean the liver
  • Increase in mental clarity
  • Give your digestive system a rest
  • Healthy weight management
  • Understand how foods can heal your body
  • Improve allergy management
  • Stronger immune system
  • Greater vitality
  • Establish and enjoy healthful habits

This 70-page self-guided cleanse experience will provide you support to restore, and then maintain, a state of optimal health and vitality. BONUSES: Detox & Cleansing 101 & Benefits of Cleansing (2 supportive audio recordings), a selection of easy to make recipes, a menu planner and resources to help you on your journey.

In the Get Clean Guideyou will learn and discover detox through and around such insightful topics like:

  • Detox Basics + Fundamentals: Facts Unearthed + Described
  • Detox Demystified: From the Inside Out, Not Just the Outside In
  • Detox Method + Practice: When, Why & How To's
  • Detox Bonuses + Extras: Insights, Checklists, Short-lists, Action-plans
  • Useful Detox Resources for Your Use, Convenience + Reference

I've read all I need to know. Sign me up!

"My mind is so clear right now I should invent something!"I had been thinking about a cleanse for sometime and wanted to do one to prepare myself before I went on my yoga retreat the timing was right.I am enjoying the lightness I feel physically, and I love the sense of mental clarity I have during this cleanse. I told a friend this morning my mind is so clear right now I should invent something! the cleanse has given me a new appreciation for all the different vegetables available.Knowing that I can do a cleanse and survive it with no ill-effects makes me realize this is something I could incorporate into my life a couple of times a year. I'm expecting that I will continue to feel centered. I like the way it is structured and that while on the cleanse you are accessible via email, through the forum and on the calls. It's a well structured program.CW, Producer, Washington, DC [Cleanse participant]

I don't live in your city, can I still participate?

I promise you that I have brought my knowledge, guidance, passion, support and personality to this program. I am totally committed to supporting you through a powerful experience!

When do I start and how does it all work?

The next GET CLEAN starts whenever you'd like. The program is self-guided, so you can begin by signing up.

Once you buy, you'll be given your materials and program information via e-mail.

Who is Takeyah?

As a Lifestyle Engineer, Health + Prosperity Coach, Lifestyle Expert and Speaker, I offer access to and strategies for personal sustainability. Each of us have a Lifestyle Equation that equals clarity + confidence in our bodies and minds; my work helps women design that space.My clients and I focus on core value/daily action alignment, self-exploration, and ultimately, addressing and providing solutions to the challenges they've had in creating and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

You can learn more about about meat CoreConnectionLifestyle.comor through my experiences I share on Twitter at @CoreConnection and on my Facebook Page at Core Connection Lifestyle.

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